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If your operation depends on heavy machinery, it’s critical that those machines stay productive. Machine downtime is lost profitability.

Keeping your machines well maintained can prevent unscheduled downtime, but as with everything that has moving parts, your machine’s components are susceptible to complete failure. When machines breakdown you’ll need a trusted partner that has the right machining tools and experience to get your equipment back on the job. Whether in our 30,000 sq. ft. shop or at your job site, all of our machining services are available 24/7.

machining Services (available in-shop or on-site):

  • Line boring
  • Flange facing
  • Master milling
  • Keyway milling
  • Portable lathe turning
  • Portable honing

In-Shop Machining

At Harbert Machine & Welding, we take great pride in the services we provide for our customers. Our machining capabilities and commitment to excellence allow us to deliver dependable, quick, and quality services that distinguish us from the competition. In 2015, we invested in our future and double the amount of available shop space to 30,000 sq. ft. Combined with our highly skilled technicians who average more than 30 years of industry experience, it’s easy to see why Harbert Machine & Welding is the first & preferred choice for our customers.

Click on the video below to see a quick demonstration of our in-shop precision line boring.


On-Site machining

Harbert On-Site Services

Our on-site machining service is truly what sets us apart. We bring our shop services to you! Everything we can do in-shop can be done on-site.

With our on-site machining services, you receive quality and timely work from experienced field technicians who strive to exceed your expectations. Getting the job done right and done quickly ensures your productivity and profitability.

benefits of harbert’s on-site machining:

Trusting in the experience and expertise of Harbert field technicians, our customers enjoy the convenience and cost savings that maximize uptime and profitability. The work is done right on-site, on-time, and on-budget.

Harbert technicians are exceptionally trained and have a high regard for both safety and the requirements of the customer while working on their sites.